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Thread: Mac User/Will I benefit?

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    Default Mac User/Will I benefit?

    I noticed that all of the software dealing with the Procyon is only compatible with PC. As an owner of only a Mac (with no crossover/bootcamp/etc), am I stuck in a rut on using this thing?
    Also, the reason I am interested in the Procyon is because I have absolutely the worst concentration. I have consistent chatter in my head, to where it inhibits me from: reading, conversing, studying, writing, sleeping, meditating, yoga, etc. Does this device have any potential to help? I'm not on any medications, and refuse to take them. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Mac User/Will I benefit?

    Hello there and welcome!

    The Procyon works perfectly well as a stand-alone product, and does not need software to be fully functional. The MindPlace products are all designed to work out-of-the-box with no need to ever connect them to a computer.
    The built-in programs should be very helpful for increasing your concentration. I'm sure someone here will chime in with suggestions on the best programs to use to help with concentration.

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    Default Re: Mac User/Will I benefit?

    I use the Procyon Program 6 to help with my concentration. I use just the sound part when I work at my desk and do two sessions in a row. You could do a close eyed session with lights before you start work and that may work even better.

    You could also try P 7 - 10. Each is slightly different so you'll have to see which one you prefer.

    You probably won't notice results that session but don't give up, it takes the brain a number of sessions to begin making changes. In my case, I didn't notice any difference for a over a week - or so I thought until I realized that I was working and concentrating on something and didn't even hear the tv in the background.

    So in the case of improving concentration, it will take a bit of time but use the machine regularly, especially at first and then you'll find that you need the machine less. So you may start out using it every day for a week and then maybe every second or third day and eventually once a week or every two week. Since every one is different and how long it may take, depends on other factors.

    You mention that you do not want to take any drugs. What are your feelings regarding supplements and diet?

    Do you know the reason your concentration is suffering? Without prying into your personal life - things that also affect concentration are: sleep, stress, depression, biochemistry (dopamine/serotonin levels & hormones). The biochemistry will be affected if there is stress, lack of sleep, pain, depression or anxiety going on.

    If the situation is something like ADD/ADHD - then the machine should help but you also have to watch diet because you may be sensitive to certain ingredients in food and that would cause the hyperness and inability to concentrate.

    Marisa Broughton, MCHT, MNLP
    Canadian Distributor for Mindplace

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    Default Re: Mac User/Will I benefit?

    Thanks for the replies!
    I should have mentioned this before! I work at a health food store, and eat very healthy. I have tried numerous supplements, including herbs & homeopathics. Nothing has helped. I take daily vitamins & fish oil. Excluding my fish oil intake, I am a vegetarian and have been for almost 5 months. I haven't eaten red meat in a year and five months. My concentration/brain fog/chatter has not gotten better or worse since then.
    Could this really help?!

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